Donald J Trump – Creator of Fake News, Destroyer of Democracy

As vocal as Donald Trump has been about the existence of “fake news,” he always seems to be the source of it.  Again, I call on Trump supporters to stop being closed minded and stop hanging onto every word Rush Limbaugh says, and genuinely look for the truth.

Trump has been great at rallying crowds of hardcore Republicans with false claims about the media being out to get him, but it’s all nonsense and it needs to stop.

Recent claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Towers have not only been proven to be false, but even GOP leaders have stepped up and admitted that they have ZERO evidence to support these claims.

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In an age where politics tend to override common sense, common decency, and accountability, it’s refreshing to see some GOP leaders put party aside and admit that the President’s claims are nonsense.

For that I applaud them.

America deserves better than a President that feels the need to create fake stories to divert attention from his scandal of the week.  We need to restore integrity and honor to the White House or risk losing the respect of the world, and that can only be done if Republicans and Democrats work together to put an end to fabricated news coming from Washington.

Trump has time and time again thrown out unsubstantiated claims as a smoke screen to the truth.  It’s like clock work.  As soon as the heat starts building on him, a new and wild allegation comes out.  It’s juvenile and beneath the office of the President of the United States of America.

It’s time that America unites and holds him accountable for his actions, his words and his nonsensical fake news.

Trumpocrisy Strikes Again


As inept and unstable POTUS Donald Trump was giving a speech about Making America Great Again by buying American and Hiring American, and claiming that it’s not just a motto – it’s a pledge, news spread that his daughter currently has approximately 53 tons of Chinese products in shipping containers on their way to the United States.

So my question to Disastrous Donald…Is Ivanka going to send back the 53 tons of Chinese shoes and clothing and pay a fair price to make them in the United States?

We all know the answer and we once again see proof that Donald Trump is in this for the Trump Organization, not the American people.

On the “Hire American” front, you may remember that Trump claims that he has to hire immigrant workers at his Florida golf club because “getting help in Palm Beach during the season is almost impossible.”

Records show that since 2010, approximately 300 U.S. residents have applied for waitstaff and housekeeping jobs at Mar-a-Lago, but only 17 have been hired.

Trump supporters need to open their eyes and open their minds just a little and start facing the truth. Donald Trump’s hypocritical actions speak louder than the words written for him on the teleprompters.

#ImpeachTrump #Trumpocrites #LockHimUp


Truth and Human Decency be Damned! Trump is Win-At-All-Costs

Politics have always been  dirty  and this is never seen more than in a Presidential election, but Donald Trump has taken the game and made it a complete war.  He has thrown out all rules and all civility for a win-at-all-cost campaign where integrity and human decency are no longer important.

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Not only has Trump gone to a no-holds-barred type of fight where hitting below the belt is a common occurrence, but now he has decided that there is also no need for the truth. Politicians regularly stretch the truth, or take things out of context to benefit their campaign, but Trump takes it to a whole new level.  The only thing important to him is getting his degenerate crowds to cheer.

Whether he’s telling supporters that Hillary Clinton is going to allow 650 million immigrants into the country, or that she’ll eliminate the 2nd amendment, or that she’ll triple the cost of their health insurance, truth is secondary to cheers (at best).

#47 in the greatest hits of #Trump’s campaign of lies:

Unfortunately, millions of Trump supporters have been brainwashed and blinded to a point that they are willing to overlook rape and sexual assault allegations, blatant lies, and complete indecency when it comes to the GOP, but want to lock-up (or even assassinate) Clinton for using a private email server.  It has really become a sick and divisive campaign that will, win or lose, leave our country divided and in chaos.

Trump’s childish, deplorable antics are un-American and definitely not those of an American President.

Hopefully enough of the nation will be clear-minded and intelligent enough to see through his fear mongering and scare tactics and keep him out of the White House.  If not, the America we know and love will be a thing of the past.

FOX News Reports Trumps “Flexibility” on Issues


I find it humorous that the only non-politician in the Presidential race is acting the most like a political stereotype.  Trump has been called out numerous times, once by FOX News itself, for flip-flopping on hot topics to tell the voters exactly what they want to hear.

Now, on the topics of minimum wage and taxes on the wealthy, FOX is calling it “flexibility.”

The bottom line is that Trump will say whatever he needs to say to pander to the voters.  When he was trying to win over Republicans, he was firmly against a minimum wage hike and would never consider raising the taxes of the rich.

But now that he’s got the Republican seat locked down, it’s time to start pandering to the swing voters that may be a little more liberal.  So now his “flexibility” is coming into play.

It really saddens me to see how many Americans don’t see through this crystal clear facade.  It doesn’t say much for the intelligence of our nation as a whole when someone like Donald Trump can manipulate masses like this.

He’s not even truly a Republican, but because he put his name on the GOP ticket and went around for a few months bashing Democrats, now every Rush Limbaugh-loving conservative has been drawn into his web.

It really is amazing!


Trumped: Donald’s Failures Tell the Real Stroy

One thing I have not heard anyone talk about this election season is how Donald Trump’s corporations have filed bankruptcy 4 times. Everybody does realize that there is no reset button when you’re the President, right?

His businesses, like his political theories, are over the top, lavish and rarely successful. His ego makes him believe that he can take someone else’s success and do it better. But it never works. Ever hear of Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, or Trump Mortgage?  Me either.

Donald Trump has failed as a leader time and time again.  Electing him President, or even to your local town council, would be a devastating mistake.

Just a short list of his egotistical failures.

On Trump Mortgage, Trump said “Who knows more about financing than me?” Apparently the question should have been “who knows less about financing than me?” because his mortgage company lasted about a year and a half before being shut down.

When he decided that he would take over the vodka market from his friends at Grey Goose, Trump predicted that the T&T (Trump and Tonic) would become the most requested drink in America.  The sad thing is, he really believes his egotistical dreams. I’m a vodka drinker and never knew this existed.  That should tell you something.  Hell, even Diddy could make a vodka company work.

In 1988, Trump purchased Eastern Air Shuttle, a successful no-fuss airline (the Southwest of its time) that offered flights between Boston, New York and Washington D.C.  Of course, the Donald had to put his lavish touches on the business, adding maple floors and gold fixtures to the planes.  Within a couple of years, the airline was taken over by his creditors because shockingly enough, his over the top ideas were a bust.

Trump lives in his own egotistical world. All he cares about is his ego being stroked and his name being on everything.  Unfortunately, putting his name on things more times than not puts an end to them.

Being able to over-leverage yourself and “build” a business does not make you a successful business man.  Trump has never successfully built a business.  He purchases businesses and he starts businesses, but they never succeed.

If we are dumb enough to elect him President, he will try to run our country like one of his businesses and we’ll all pay the price.  At best, he will set us back decades and then run back to his penthouse at Trump Towers and live happily ever after.  But unfortunately I don’t think that will be the outcome.

I fear instead that his ego and hair brain ideas will get us involved in wars that our nation can ill afford right now.  He will destroy any shred of a relationship we still have with China, Russia, or Middle Eastern nations with his bullying tactics.

Trump has a long list of failures as a leader. Let’s not add our country to his list.

You want $15 for what?

The big debate right now is whether or not every American worker deserves $15/hr minimum wage. I have to say, I don’t think so.

Let me start by saying I do agree that the minimum wage should be increased, but I’m more in line with Hillary on this and a $12 minimum wage, not $15. I’ve been taking notice of the people I come across in my daily life that would be affect by this and asking the question “Would I pay this person $15 to do what they’re doing right now?” I have to say that the overwhelming majority of the time, the answer is NO.

I watch a kid at McDonald’s, literally taking my money and handing me food, and that’s it! There is a person taking my order, a person preparing the food, and a person packing it in a bag and handing it to the first guy. All he does is collect my money and hand me my order. He’s doing nothing wrong. He has a great attitude, exchanges pleasantries as he waits on my food, but really does minimal work. The only skill required for his job is counting change. I’m not trying to belittle him or anything, but this is a skill that we learn in 2nd grade.

I compare this to my first job after college. Did you catch that part….AFTER COLLEGE? I worked at a law firm as a bankruptcy legal assistant. I was working in a professional business service environment, working 60-70 hour weeks working with clients and preparing legal documents that literally helped families going through hard times keep a roof over their heads. Care to guess how much I made? You got it…$15/hr.
Was it tough? Absolutely. Did I struggle? Absolutely. But do you know how I made ends meet? I worked a second job. Yeah, a strange concept I know. I worked 60-70 hours at a law firm, then at night I worked a bar tending job to make enough to get by.

And guess what else, I didn’t have an I-phone. I didn’t have nice clothes other than what I had to wear to work. I drove a busted up Saturn that was a complete embarrassment.

So when I see someone protesting for $15/hr while they have an $800 phone in their hand or a Michael Kors purse by their side, excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for them. Both of these examples can be seen in the photo below.

My next question for those that think solving this problem is as simple as a politician waving a magic wand and saying “Poof! Now you all make $15/hr” is what about the guy that makes $15/hr right now? The guy, like myself after college, who worked his way through school and got a degree to get to that $15/hr. What about him? Is he going to get an $8 bump in pay as well? The answer is no. He’s going to stay at $15 while the guy with 2nd grade counting skills at McDonald’s gets bumped up to the same. So all of his hard work is now devalued and he’s put in all that work just to be pulled back and make the same as a high-school kid working at a fast food restaurant.

Now does that make any sense?

Doubling the minimum wage is not the answer. The answer to people being able to make a living on minimum wage is changing their priorities and making them understand that having an I-phone 6 and unlimited data is not a right, but a privilege and a luxury; a privilege and luxury that may not be afforded to a minimum wage worker.

People can survive on $7/hr if they really want to. They just have to be willing to make sacrifices like my parents did all of their lives. Doubling a person’s pay rate without increasing their workload or responsibility is a ridiculous plan of action and is essentially a welfare handout.

The one thing this will do is increase the business efficiency of companies as they find ways to turn two jobs into one to make up for the increase in pay. Wages will go up right alongside the unemployment rate.

So for those of you out there protesting, keep in mind that 50% of you will get paid more, and the other 50% will be eliminated to make up for it.

Hey 2016 Presidential Candidates…How Will You Protect Innocent Citizens?

It seems these days that the news and media jump from one police incident to another and activist jump at each opportunity to incite protests. There is public outcry about how police are brutally murdering innocent” citizens.

While I don’t know enough about the individual cases to make informed comments, it seems like there is at least one common denominator in all of these incidents and that is the simple truth that these guys are criminals.

Before you go off the deep end, let me be perfectly clear that I am in no way, shape, or form defending or promoting the actions of the officers involved in these killings. I think they overreacted and made very poor decisions. I am simply pointing out the fact that the victims in these incidents did indeed commit criminal acts that caused an interaction with police, so we shouldn’t be making them out to be martyrs.

It amazes me that we have thousands of people protesting, rioting, looting, and injuring officers in the name of “justice” for victims that were known criminals. But no one is standing up to protect the truly innocent business owners that are having their livelihoods taken away from them by mindless thugs.

These businesses are being looted and destroyed.

Who is protecting the innocent, hard-working business owners?

Every election we hear about how the small-business owners are the backbone of our economy. Well it’s time to put up or shut up.

I want to know from the candidates in the upcoming presidential election how they are going to protect these hard-working, tax-paying Americans from having their business destroyed by scumbags looking for a reason to loot and cause trouble.

These rioters and looters need to be handled with swift and direct justice, even if that means the use of force.

We can’t let these ignorant thugs tear our country apart because the police force is under public scrutiny and afraid to ruffle feathers by dealing with this.

The National Guard needs to be on the front lines protecting the innocent people of our nation. If not, these riots will get worse each and every time.

Let’s stop worrying about social backlash and the next election and do what our government is supposed to do, lead and protect its people.

Stop tolerating ignorance when it affects the lives and livelihoods of innocent taxpayers.

Show us you’re a leader. Show us you can handle managing this nation.