U.S. Postal Service Cutting 28,000 Jobs

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that they will be closing down mail processing facilities and eliminating approximately 28,000 jobs as they attempt to make the business financially viable once again.

The change will impact more than just the 28,000 postal workers losing their jobs. It will also slow down the delivery of standard first class mail by 1-2 days.

The loss of 28,000 jobs is a tragedy and I feel extremely sorry for these individuals and their families.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the problems are in the failing postal service.

I have paid close attention to the mail carriers in my area over the past year and I can tell you without a doubt, these people were overpaid and underworked.

I first started paying attention when I noticed that our mail carrier was arriving at our apartment complex at around 11:00am every day, but I wasn’t getting my mail until about 5:15pm.

I started questioning how it could possibly take 6 hours to deliver the mail to one complex.

There were approximately 600 apartments, but only four mailbox areas. I found it odd that when the carrier got to the area where my mail box was located, it only took about 20-30 minutes for her to finish the entire section.

Doing the math, I’m figuring 4 mail areas at 20-30 minutes each should take about 80-120 minutes….correct? So why is it taking six hours instead of two?

Then one day I noticed that it wasn’t just one carrier delivering to our apartment complex. There were actually two carriers, each responsible for two of the mail areas. So it should only take an hour, max….correct?

Now I was curious and decided to investigate a little more.

I watched the carrier pull up at 11:05 at one of the apartment mail areas. The second carrier pulled up shortly after at 11:15 and “helped” the first fill the boxes at the first mail area.

At 11:40, they were finished and drove away, but they left the complex. Confused, I went on with my day.

I left to run an errand and noticed the two mail carriers parked at the Chick-fil-a next to our complex at 11:55.

I went on with my errand and upon returning at 1:40, noticed that not only were the two mail carriers still at Chick-fil-a, but two others had joined.

I continued home, unloaded a few bags from my errands and then decided to take a walk around the block just to see when the mail carriers would get back to work.

I walked past Chick-fil-a once at 2:05….still there.

I walked past again at 2:15….one truck was gone, but the two from our complex were still there.

I walked past again at 2:30…finally, the remaining three carriers were walking out of the restaurant and getting back in their trucks.

So the nearly three hour lunch was over and the carriers were headed back to our complex.

When they returned, they parked at separate mail areas but one walked across the complex and met the other to tag team the delivery.

They finished that mail area at 3:25 and went back to the other mail area. They finished that mail area in an hour and at 4:30, one left the complex (to head home I assume) and the other headed over to the final mail area at our complex.

She parked in front of the mail boxes at 4:35 and and started sorting mail in the back of her truck.

At 4:50 she started putting mail into the boxes and at 5:15 drove away.

Now in full disclosure, I have no idea how much these carriers are paid, but the USPS shows on their website a salary range of $42,268 – $65,691 for carriers. Considering that both of these ladies were older (I’m guessing 60+), I would assume that they are in the upper half of that range.

It is no wonder that the USPS is going bankrupt and collapsing before our eyes if they are paying carriers $60,000 to do 3-4 hours of work each day. In case you’re wondering, that’s $48/hour if they work 6 days a week, $58 if they work 5.  There are people out there that would kill to make a $60,000 salary and would be willing to work 40+ hours to do so.  Making this while working 15-20 hours is insane.

It all comes down to management. Why is a manager not riding with these carriers occasionally to make sure that they are delivering enough mail to keep them busy for eight hours?

A simple ride-along would show that these carriers are not given enough work to justify their salary. You either give them a more substantial route or you pay them as part-time employees.

But it’s not the carriers losing the jobs. It’s the processors. Good call on that one geniuses.

This is a typical government operation that allows lazy individuals to make money at the expense of others. Where are the audits and management of these operations?