America…Think on your own! Make your own Decisions!

I’ve never been a really political guy and really never attach myself to any political party permanently.  I try to go into each election looking at the candidates’ views, demeanor and personality before making a choice. 

If a candidate dances around questions or issues, chooses to bash the other candidates before highlighting himself, or has a clear agenda that is above the good of the community or nation, I choose not to support them.

I try to look for a candidate that seems genuine, talks about what he will do rather than sling mud, and has an overall presidential presence. 

Politics has just gotten way too out of hand lately for me.  Politicians are so focused on the next election, regardless of when it is, that they don’t care about actually working to help the country.

If politicians would simply work together and be open-minded enough to compromise every now and then, America could once again be the greatest nation in the world. 

Right now we’re sliding into a hole as a country and the farther we fall, the harder it will be to eventually get out.  Politicians are wasting time and money that is needed to repair our nation on negative advertising and political non-sense. 

So much time is wasted on Capital Hill fighting and bickering rather than talking and compromising.  It is hard for me to believe that educated adults could be so close-minded that they would let party affiliations and egos stand in the way of national progress.

I will give President Obama a lot of credit for opening doors for bipartisan opportunities but it seems like in the past few years republicans have been more worried about setting up the next election than working with the President and democrats to repair our economy and nation.

Let’s put an end to the nonsense and move our nation forward.  The problem is that too many Americans form their opinions based on what they hear on television and talk radio.  Stop listening to extremist like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and start listening to the candidates to make your own decisions. 

Not that these guys are wrong about everything, but they are paid to be extreme and paint a negative picture about everything anyone in the democratic party does.  They are not paid to report the unbiased facts.

Too many Americans are too lazy to do their own research and make their own decisions so they rely on someone with an extremist view of politics to spoon feed them opinions and political knowledge.   America…think on your own!  Make your own decisions!


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