NFL Football: A Premium Product Going Downhill

What can you say about the ending to the Packers/Seahawks game last night?  Pathetic.  So much effort wasted as the replacement referees simply decided the game after 60 minutes.

Anyone who has ever played (or watched) football could clearly see that Jennings (Packers’ DB) caught the ball.  Tate (Seahawks WR) had one hand on the ball and then reached over the shoulder of Jennings to put a second hand on it after the players had gone to the ground. 

One referee saw it clearly and signaled for a touchback.  The other referee, who somehow ended up getting his way, ran into the picture completely clueless, looking for the signal of the other referee.  When he saw his hands go up, he tried to copy and called it a touchdown.  However, the first referee’s hands were going up to signal a touchback, not a touchdown. 

Denying Jennings and the Packers of this interception was not only a disgrace to the game, but was undeniably ridiculous as video evidence clearly showed that he made the catch.

The NFL needs to come to an agreement with the real referees and get them back on the field.  The longer they leave these morons on the field, the higher the price for the real refs is going to be.  It’s obvious to everyone (except Roger Goodell) that these guys truly cannot be replaced.  Pay them and move on.

The legitimacy of the game is spiraling downhill as the referees are no longer simply making ridiculous calls that can be laughed at in post-game shows, but deciding the outcome of games.


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