Do you call that justice?

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman Murdered Trayvon Martin

This was a case of a lot of speculation due to lack of actual witnesses.  However, there was so much circumstantial and just common sense evidence to convict George Zimmerman of manslaughter.  Below are just a few of the hundreds of pieces of evidence that pointed to Zimmerman’s guilt.

  • Derogatory, frustrated language directed at Martin on 911 recording when he stated that “these assholes always get away.”
  • Claims that Martin reached in his waist band for something, implying to the dispatcher that it was a weapon, yet he got out of his vehicle and followed him into a dark area.
  • Disregarded dispatcher’s request to stop following.
  • Didn’t know the name of street (one of three in the neighborhood) that he lives in and drives by daily for 4 years.
  • Told dispatcher to have officer call him rather than meet him at specific meeting spot.  He was not going to stop searching for Martin.
  • Over 2 minutes between hanging up with dispatcher and start of altercation.  Claimed to be walking back to his vehicle, which was about 15-20 seconds away.
  • Never identified himself to Martin as neighborhood watch.
  • No Zimmerman blood on his hands.
  • Refers to Martin as “suspect” in police statement.
  • No blood, dirt, or damage on Zimmerman’s jacket.  Claims to be on his back on concrete, then grass for over 45 seconds.
  • Fired shot from less than 4 inches and claims he didn’t know that he had hit Martin.
  • If Martin had Zimmerman mounted like described in statements, he would have had no access to firearm indicating that Zimmerman had the firearm out before he was mounted and “in fear of his life.”
  • Final point of the incident over 50 feet from where he said he was attacked.
  • Claims first that he was attacked from the darkness and didn’t really know where Martin came from, but thought it could have been from the bushes.
  • Changes story to Martin approaching him at the T-intersection from about 15 feet away, asking him if “he had a problem.”
  • Claims Martin punched him in the face as he was reaching for his phone, at which time he fell on his back.  However, is his reenactment, he says he didn’t fall backwards, but claims to have tried to fight off Martin as they made their way almost 50 feet down the dog path to the point in front of John Good’s home.
  • When reenacting the initiation of the confrontation when he was reaching for his “phone,” Zimmerman reaches for his right hip with both hands.  You wouldn’t use both hands to go for a phone.  However, you might use both hands if you were trying to go for a concealed weapon, using one to raise your jacket and the other to grab the gun.
  • Claims that when he was mounted by Martin, he shimmied away, lifting his jacket and accidentally exposing gun.  Think about this for a second.  At first glance, to an average juror, it makes since.  However, if someone is on top of you, beating you as he claims, you would not slide down towards them putting yourself further into the mount.  You would slide back, away from them, which would do the exact opposite to your jacket.  Even if he was not proficient in MMA grappling as his instructor claimed, he would at least know the general concepts of grappling after 18 months of training.  He would know that if you’re mounted, you want to move the person as far down your body as possible, not up on your chest.  That is the worst possible position to get in when involved in an MMA style fight.
  • Originally claims that Martin was grabbing his head and slamming it into the concrete, which unless you have hands like Shaq, would require two hands.  Then says that while this was going on, he felt Martin reach across and slide his hand down to his waste in an attempt to go for the gun.  One, two…wait, how many hands does Martin have in this story?
  • Then he changes it to Martin holding his nose and mouth to suffocate him, and says Martin actually grabbed the gun, at which time Zimmerman claims he “gained wrist control” of him and pulled the gun away.  Again, one, two…wait, too many hands.
  • None of Martin’s DNA was on gun, which defense claimed was washed away because of the weather conditions.  However, Zimmerman’s DNA was still on the gun.  I guess the rain was very selective about the DNA it washed away.

    Mark Osterman
    Mark Osterman is profiting from Trayvon Martin’s Murder.
  • Zimmerman’s key witnesses were all profiting financially from the case.  First, his friend Mark Osterman and his wife, who wrote a book about the incident.  They were conveniently saving all the proceeds to give to Zimmerman after the trial.  Then there was Adam Pollock, the owner of the gym that Zimmerman trained at, who conveniently put Zimmerman training info on his website after he testified, marketing Zimmerman’s training information to promote his business.  Then there was Daniel Shoemaker, the animation guy, who was paid by Zimmerman’s attorney to create an animated version of Zimmerman’s account of the incident and attempted to present it as expert crime recreation.  Then there was the ex-police officer, Dennis Root, who contacted the defense and volunteered to testify as an expert in law enforcement and defense tactics.  Conveniently enough, he started an “expert witness” business when the defense decided to use him as a witness.
  • Zimmerman studied criminal procedures and criminal justice, including self-defense laws, but played dumb when asked if he knew what “stand your ground” was.
  • Claimed that he thought Martin was still alive, so he spread his hands because he thought he had a weapon.  Yet he holstered his own firearm and just walked away without taking the weapon from Martin.  If you believed he had a gun in his waist band, would you just spread his hands apart and walk away without your gun drawn?  No.  You would either keep your weapon pointed at him in case he moved for his weapon, or you would give him a quick frisk to see if you could secure his weapon.

The evidence is all there that Zimmerman was at the very least, not telling an accurate account of the incident.  If he truly acted in self-defense and knew that he had, why would he embellish, exaggerate, or change the story so many times?  Why did he need to lie?  It just doesn’t add up.

If the jury couldn’t find enough evidence for second degree murder, they should have at least found him guilty of manslaughter due to pure criminal negligence.

Zimmerman initiated the confrontation by leaving his vehicle and hunting Martin down.  Negligent.

Zimmerman made assumptions that Martin was a criminal and acting “suspicious.”  Negligent.

Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.  Negligent.

His assumptions were wrong and Martin is dead because of it.  Had he waited to let the police handle it, they would have found Martin, realized he had done nothing wrong, and that’s where this story would have ended.

Instead, Martin is dead and Zimmerman will go on to sell the story for books, movies, Lifetime specials, etc. and become wealthy.

Is that justice?


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