Letter to Johnny Football: Your Legacy is at Stake

The more famous Johnny Manziel gets, the more people build him up and defend him, the more of a train wreck he becomes.  And it seems that no one around him is doing anything positive to try to help him out of this whirlwind of a life that he’s living.

His on the field performances so far have been phenomenal.  While he may not be great at the traditional quarterback role, he plain and simply makes things happen on the field that not many before him have been able to do.

Johnny Football was created by fans at Texas A&M.  His legacy thus far has been cemented into the history of the institution.  Aggies have waited for generations for a star of his caliber and they are making sure to milk it for everything it is worth.  Johnny Football Mania is in full effect.

But where does it go from here.  Manziel became the first player to win the Heisman trophy as a freshman.  He set a pretty high bar for himself on the field and playing in the Southeastern Conference, it’s going to be a nearly impossible bar to reach.

The SEC is proud when it comes to football.  Historically, with few exceptions, it’s been a league that cherishes low scoring, defensive battles.  Sure, there have been high-scoring offenses on occasion thanks to Steve Spurrier, but not many.

SEC defenses do not like to get embarrassed.   Frankly, Manziel embarrassed a lot of them last season. They take it personally.  The players, the coaches, and the fans.  When a player comes along that has the ability to make them look bad, they go to work to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

There is no doubt that the single biggest focus for SEC defensive coordinators this offseason was figuring out a way to contain Johnny Football.  LSU laid out the blue print last season, and others will follow.

Sorry A&M fans, but the Johnny Football you saw last year will not be there this year.

While the defenses were working hard to figure out the ways to stop him, Manziel should have been in the film room, in the weight room, and on the practice field working hard to get better.  But he wasn’t.  Instead, he was living out a “bucket list” offseason.

Courtside at the Mavericks and Rockets games, balconies on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, going to Super Bowl, NBA All-Star festivities, and partying all around Texas was how he spent his offseason.

His fans defend him by saying things like “he’s 20, it’s normal to party” or “he’s only doing what everyone his age would do.”

I call bulls–t!

He is only doing what a “normal” guy his age would do.  But guess what…he’s not a normal college kid any longer.  He won the Heisman.  He goes about his life like a celebrity.  Therefore, he doesn’t get to live a “normal” college life.  This is the life he chose.  This is the life he embraced.

It blows my mind that this kid has no one in his life that can or is even trying to get through to him to get him under control.  Well, let me try to be that voice of reason.

Johnny, if you’re reading this I want you to focus right now.  Let these words soak into your brain and take them for what they’re worth. All you have to do is calm down and be mature for one more season.  6 more months and you’re done.  Get off of Twitter (and stay off), stay out of the campus pubs, stop putting yourself in the spotlight off the field, and turn off the TV.  Don’t get caught up in the stories and the buzz. After the season, you’ll have the opportunity to make a lot of money (not that you need it) and live whatever lifestyle you choose.  6 more months and you’re free!  But right now, you have to grow up!

You’re not the first college star to become a celebrity and you won’t be the last.  This is your 15 minutes of fame. Use it wisely.  Don’t be a flash in the plan d-bag remembered for bar fights, drunken nights, and stupid tweets.  Firm up your legacy and don’t let your off-the-field antics define you forever.

Let people remember your exciting play-making abilities.  Let people remember you for your stunning performance against Alabama.  Let the Aggie fans remember how bright the spotlight shines on Kyle Field when you play. Let every undersized kid in Texas remember that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Let people remember the you that they fell in love with over the past year. Let people remember Johnny F—king Football!


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