Clumsy Punter Suing Stadium Operators for “Unsafe Turf”

Brett Hartmann tears ACL covering kickoff
Brett Hartmann tears ACL covering kickoff

Former Houston Texans punter and current douche bag Brett Hartmann has filed a law suit in the Harris County District Court in response to a knee injury that he suffered on December 4, 2011 while playing in a game at Reliant Stadium.

Hartmann is citing “unsafe turf” as his claim against the county agency that operates the stadium.

Hartmann tore his anterior cruciate ligament and fractured a bone as he ran a straight line down the field to cover a punt.  He claims that his foot got stuck in a seam in the turf, causing him the injury that may have ended his football career.

Thousands of players have played full games on this field without suffering any type of injury related to the turf.   Yet Hartmann, in one of the few dozen plays he was actually on the field in his career, blew out his knee in about a 15 yard jog. 

Maybe it’s not the turf.  Maybe he’s just a goofy-ass punter with a bad knee.

This guy has no other career options and is trying to make a quick buck. 

He’s trying to throw out statements about doing this to advocate change so that no other players get hurt.  Well that’s great.  If he wants to play that card and pretend that he’s doing this for others and not himself, the judge should throw out his economic claims and issue an order for the stadium operators to change the turf.

Don’t let this douche get rich because he’s too clumsy to run a straight line.